Norland Propolis Lecithin Capsules

Norland Propolis Lecithin is a natural antioxidant, that suppress tumor and improve immunity (flavonoids has a function to provide energy in the body), lowering blood pressure, lowering blood glucose. (Hypoglycemic effect of flavonoids is the main factor preventing complications), anti-fatigue, promote tissue regeneration (anti-infective) and other functions. And has the ability of strengthening the drug effect.



Norland Propolis Lecithin:

Health Benefits:

  • Suppresses tumor
  • Improves immunity
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers blood glucose
  • Anti-fatique
  • Promotes tissue regeneration
  • Ulcers: treatment of stubborn stomach ulcers and constipation
  • Treatment of asthma, lung disease and bronchitis.
  • Prevents liver cirrhosis
  • Can reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetics
  • Promotes skin metabolism, presents pigmentation, fade chloasma and freckles.

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