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Lucklife GUIFEI BAO Princess Pearl contains many herbs that have antibacterial and inflammatory effects. Cleanses, controls, restores – therefore these capsules can be used for a number of gynecological diseases.

Functions: Gui-fei bao is used for prevention and works as an additional tool for the treatment of:

Vaginitis: This is the inflammation of  the vagina that can result into abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, vaginal odor and painful urination, during intercourse.

Pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID): This is an infection of  the female upper genital tract including the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Symptoms include pain around the pelvis, lower abdomen, pain and bleeding and bleeding during sex, heavy periods with painful cramps, greenish or yellow vaginal discharge.

Ovarian Cysts: This refers to a solid sac within or on the surface of an ovary. Symptoms includes back pain, pelvic pain, abnormal menstruation, irregular periods, spotting, heavy cramping etc.

Fungal infections

Eradicates fibroids

It is also used to clean the dead tissues from cervix and menstrual blood residues, unpleasant smell among others.

It is used to stimulate female sex hormone ( androgens) secretion.
It is used in the reconstruction of vaginal wall, elasticity, enhancing vaginal sensitivity and secretions.
It helps in the restoration and maintenance of  the inner vaginal acid (The pH)


*GUIFEI BAO* is the result of the research of the secret recipe of the “Guifei Qinggong Pill” by the group of experts from the FOHOW Health Research Institute. It adheres to the profound Chinese medicine mechanism, and directly acts on vaginal discomfort through targeted therapy, regulates yin and yang balance, replenishes qi and blood, clears away heat and detoxification, promotes blood circulation, detoxifies, cools blood, and removes saprophytic muscle.
Health function:
1. Prevention and adjuvant treatment of gynecological diseases: It can prevent and assist in the treatment of vaginitis, uterine ptosis, leucorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, uterine fibroids and gynecological diseases caused by fungal infections.
2. Cleans up the uterus and discharge the poison: The unique adsorption detoxification method is like an ultra-miniature “vacuum cleaner”, which can quickly remove the long-term accumulation of dead skin, menstrual blood, poison and other residual substances in female genital organs, eliminating malodor, eliminating odor and source of fungal virus infection. It can promote the metabolism of women, stimulate the secretion of female hormones, and restore the normal physiological functions of the reproductive organs.
3. Removes carrion and gives birth to new muscles: While thoroughly removing purulent substances, it can repair necrotic cells, promote glandular secretion, and make the uneven place of vagina and cervix to be smooth and moist. It restores vaginal elasticity and sensitivity, helps the uterus contract, repairs damaged vagina, and maintains and restores a healthy environment.
4. Anti-aging: It can repair necrotic cells, promote glandular secretion, restore elasticity of the vagina and uterus, enhance sensitivity, increase sexual desire, and thus improve the quality of sexual life. Delayed menopause, relieve symptoms such as vaginal dryness, decreased libido, and irritability.
5.  Beauty: It can improve and restore the normal physiology of female genital organs, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, dilute and remove spot on the face, make skin bright, tender, delicate, rosy, reduce wrinkles, and thus endless feminine charm.
6. Health care: Diseased treatment, health care if no disease. After the monthly menstrual period, use 1 to 2 tablets of “GUIFEI BAO” to help metabolism, easy to stay away from gynecological diseases.
7. Infertility: It has the effect of regulating and dredging the infertility caused by the vaginal acidity and alkalinity of the female vaginal are not balance, or the fallopian tube obstruction.
8. It has a good relief effect to Vaginal odor, abnormal leucorrhea, senile vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, attachment inflammation, genital itching, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, cervical polyps, Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea discomfort, postpartum hemorrhage, lochia, and spot on the face, acne, etc.
*Product features:*
Self-examination: You only need one capsule of GUIFEI BAO to find out if you have gynecological diseases.
Self-clearing: You only need one capsule of GUIFEI BAO to clean up the virus and dirt in the womb.
Self-treat: adjuvant treatment of uterine fibroids and various inflammations.
Self-beauty: to improve the face of yellow, dull, spot on the face, skin dry and wrinkles.
Self-health: use one capsule per month to effectively prevent gynecological diseases, improve uterine contractions, and restore youth.
1. Open the foil package and check for external damage.
2. Wash and dry vagina. Put on the sanitary gloves and pull a tamponized capsule into the vagina, the tip of the cord must remain outside.
3. After three days, the capsule must be replaced . Gently pull out the cord and the capsule easily pulls out. Wash your vagina.
Health care course – consistent use of six capsules (tampons).
Guifei Bao may dry the skin. To moisturize and soften the skin we recommend to apply lucklife Aloe Vera Gel.
Contra indication
• Capsules are not recommended for pregnant women and young girls that did not have sexual relations.
• Capsules shall not be used during menstruation, breast – feeding period and on appearance of bodily allergic reactions.
• Be careful after pregnancy termination.
*Ingredients: Dragon tree seed extract, Sorrel roots, Pseudolarch, Catechu acacia, Colorific saflor, Yellow sophora borneol, Bura and other rare traditional Chinese plants.


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