Norland Natural Beta Carotene

Natural B-Carotene is rich in Amino acids for proper growth and development. he human body converts Beta carotene into vitamin A (retinol).

Best anti-aging supplement. It promotes hair and nail growth, for a younger you.




Natural B-Carotene Soft Capsules is primarily used as an anti-aging supplement. It functions as an anti-oxidant therefore it facilitates the shedding off of dead cells and provides nourishment for the replacement cells thereby giving you a fresh and young skin.

A dry or rough skin can become succulent again by using Natural B-Carotene Soft Capsules.

Beta-carotene is responsible for protecting the hypoxic parts of the body such as the tiny blood vessels in the muscles and it is also used for treating tumors.

Being a supplement that is rich in vitamin A, Natural B-Carotene Soft Capsules also protects the eyes. Regular intake of Natural B-Carotene Soft Capsules can eliminate the chances of contracting night blindness, cataracts, and other problems related to with the eyes.

It contains: Beta-carotene, Peanut salad oil, gelatin, glycerin, sucrose syrup and water.

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