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RENSHEN Multi Power sachets contains peptides, beef collagen and ginseng root extract.

• Peptides regulate the functioning of all major systems of the body, including cell functions, absolutely all active substances in our body exist in the form of peptides.

• Collagen is the “protein of youth”. One of the most abundant proteins in the body, it is a component of joints, bones, hair, skin, nails and teeth.

The effect of drinking ginseng peptides and collagen:
Quickly restores energy
Has a powerful restorative effect on cells
Launches cellular restoration mechanisms
Has a strong antioxidant effect
Stimulates calcium absorption, growth and development
Slows down the aging process
Regulates the gastrointestinal tract, and improves immunity

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Renshen Multi power collagen with peptides contains Chinese Ginseng. Chinese ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is a medicinal plant originating from the mountains of Manchuria in China, where it was known and used more than 5000 years ago. Also, this plant was used by the ancient inhabitants of North America, the Indians, due to its healing and energizing properties. This plant bears red berries, but only its root is useful to humans.

Its name comes from the Chinese term “rénshen”, which translates to “man root”, this is because the ginseng root resembles a man in shape. Chinese ginseng helps maintain normal physical and mental well-being, normal functioning of the immune system.

Renshen Multi Power also contains collagen of animal origin. We often associate the benefits of collagen only with youthful skin, but it is necessary for our body’s cells to regenerate. Collagen is called the building material of hair and nails, it is vital for joints, it is also necessary for the functioning of the liver, it helps the body cleanse itself of toxic substances, improves the work of the circulatory system, helps maintain normal heart activity, maintains the elasticity of eye muscles, ensures proper brain activity, etc.

Directions for use: it is recommended to dilute in warm water (milk, drinks or porridge). Take 1-2  sachets 1-2 times a day before meal.

Packing unit: 20 sachets x 5 g each

Composition: Ginseng peptide powder, Cow bone collagen peptide powder, Isomalt


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