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Norland Detox Pro Pack  is for Detoxification. It is a Herbal Formula that clears all the unwanted Elements, Toxins, Sickness and Diseases in your body system in less than 2 days. Detox Pro Pack is a Powerful Herbal Formula that Enters Into Human Cells in 10 Minutes. Excretes Toxic Scales In Various Colors From The FIVE Primary Organ Systems in 16 to 24 hours. It continues working for 10 – 90 days! The Detox Pro Pack is a Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Invigorating, Nourishing ” rescue product. It is a DETOXIFYING & CLEANSING MIRACLE in the Human History .



Norland Detox Pro Pack is a highly effective deep layer( intracellular &extracellular) super whole body premium detox which rejuvenates the whole cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body. A perfect cure for kidney failure ,liver, spleens etc.

Purely herbal products without side effect, clears unwanted elements, toxins, sickness and diseases in the body system in less than 2 days. Detox pro is so powerful that in 10 minutes, it will excretes toxic scales in various colors from the five primary organ systems in 16 to 24 hours. It continues working for 10-90 days! It contains154 natural/organic ingredients tested  and insured by the American food and drug Administration (FDA) and NAFDAC Approved. First detoxification product to cleanse, rejuvenate, energize, nourish, beautify  and prevent disease  at the same time.


Benefits include:

+ Its a product that detoxifies the body systematically

+ It eliminates toxins deposited in the kidney, liver, heart, lung, etc and if taken, works for 120 days.

+ Prevents cancer, reduces the period of treatment of terminal diseases.


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