Norland Cordyceps Coffee the only coffee that alkalines your body system and treats infections. Also a good source of energy and sexual booster.

Cordyceps Coffee has been medically proven to help you get rid of any infection as you enjoy it.

May Boost Exercise Performance. …

Anti-Aging Properties. …

Potential Anti-Tumor Effects. …

May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes. …

Possible Benefits for Heart Health. …

May Help Fight Inflammation


CORDYCEPS COFFEE is very suitable for the following: * Improve Respiratory system * Promotes general health and helps relieves cough * Improve quality of life & balance body PH level * Reduces Anxiety * Detoxifies the Body * Boost immune system * Lower blood Sugar * Reduces Cholesterol * Improves Libido * Anti-aging effects * Increasing energy levels * Promotes More restful Sleep * Improves memory

Ingredients: Creamer powder(Glucose Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable oil, Instant coffee powder, Cordyceps powder, Food additive Stabilizer), Emulsifier, Anti-caking Agent, Casein, Sugar and Food flavour.

Cordyceps is a genus of parasitic fungi that grows on the larvae of insects. When these fungi attack their host, they replace its tissue and sprout long, slender stems that grow outside the host’s body.


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