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Vaginne® Refreshing Intimate Gel enables every woman to experience natural cleanliness and comfort in their most intimate parts. Vaginne® and natural plant essential oil keep you refreshed all day, flaunting that natural fragrance from inside out.

  • Eco-friendly
  • No animal ingredients
  • No chemicals or synthetic disinfectants
  • No drugs or antibiotics
  • No chemical gel
  • No heavy metals
  • No alcohol
  • No quaternary ammonia inhibitors



  1. Increase the inhibition of bacteria, strengthens good bacteria. Inhibits bad bacteria, protects good bacteria and raises the self-cleaning mechanism
  2. Firming, Moisturising, Bouncing and Repairing. Total repair of epithelial tissue, boosts nutrient, anti-aging and nourishing and enhances the elasticity of the vagina wall
  3. Enjoy Blissfulness. Eliminates odor, natural scent and beautifying the body
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ImmerCare Vaginne provides an all-natural way to help keep your vaginal health in tip-top shape. It’s a common misconception that the vagina is always a healthy place. The truth is, it can be home to many different types of harmful bacteria and yeast infections.

The Immercare Vaginne Gel gently moisturizes your intimate skin, which can make a big difference when you’re trying for that perfect balance of moisture in it. It’s also enriched with the powerful effects of Pheromones’-essentially chemical signals. This creates a unique fragrance experience not only for yourself but those around you as well.

This gel gives sensitive skin the moisture balance it needs and gently cleanses, soothes, moisturizes & helps protect intimate areas from irritation. Dermatologist tested.

How Does ImmeriCare Vaginne Work

Immericare Vaginne has Odor Block Protection to help stop odor from happening. It’s gentle enough to use every day and formulated for daily, sensitive care with a light clean scent you can enjoy all day long!

For most women, the vagina is a delicate and sensitive area. Some of us may experience an unpleasant scent coming from our vaginal region for different reasons including but not limited to exercise or menstruation.

Vaginne is one way to keep your private parts in check, as well as maintaining the proper level of hydration internally and externally throughout the day.

Immercare Vaginne is the perfect product for women who want to tighten and tone their vaginal walls.

Essential Health Benefits Of Immercare Vaginne Gel

  1. Immercare Vaginal Gel is made with all natural ingredients
  2. It can be used to treat vaginal dryness, itching, and painful intercourse
  3. Immercare Vaginal Gel improves sexual satisfaction by restoring moisture
  4. Immercare Vaginal Gel increases the elasticity of your vagina for a better fit during sex
  5. The use of immercare vaginne gel will reduce the risk of yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis
  6. You can use it as often as needed without fear of side effects or allergic reactions.
  7. It relives menstrual cramps and Irregular menstrual cycle.
  8. It Improves libido and sexual activites
  9. Immercare Vaginal gel has been shown in clinical studies to increase sexual satisfaction for both partners
  10. Tightening effect on vagina
  11. Immercare Vaginne Gel helps to create a barrier against bacteria that might cause infection
  12. Reduces vaginal discharge.

Vaginne Uses/Dosage
1 Tube per night x 6/7, repeat after 3 days if symptoms persist.

Rare Side Effects Of Vaginne Gel
Burning sensations for first day.
It does not contain any harmful substance


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IMMERI Vaginne Variations

1 box, 1 Stick, 3 Sticks


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