Norland Anion Panty Liner, is a medicated liner that contains anion strips which can purify the vaginal environment. It prevents menses from breeding anaerobic bacteria and eliminate vaginal odor, prevents itching, resists bacteria on the outside, and forestall diseases within the body.


Anion Panty Liner is 100% organic natural cotton top-sheet, keeps you dry and comfortable.  Should be used daily to protect from Vaginal discharge.

Anion chip, provides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action. Experiments show that anion chip is capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria. Anion chip eliminates the bacteria and other pathogens that develop due to moisture. In addition anion chip controls the body temperature and develop anti-static which would promote good circulation and comfort.

They are hypoallergenic thus irritation free, because of the breathable qualities of 100% cotton. That means no more itching, even for those with sensitive skin. Extra long for superior protection: hence can be worn each and every day of your pre & post period.

They are Chlorine free, which means they are not bleached with harmful chlorine to whiten and disinfect the raw materials used to make these Panty Liners. This makes these Panty Liners dioxin free, keeping away known carcinogens from our most intimate body parts.

PH compatible. Itching free. Soft and breathable, so comfortable.

Synthetic-surface free: for a softer, irritation free, plastic-less feel and real breathable cotton experience.

These panty liners are Fragrance free to help prevent the risk of irritation.


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