The Longrich SuperbKlean Anti-Bacterial Panty Liners were made with Magnetic Energy, Far Infrared and Anions.

They were refined with green chip technology, which partially activates the human bio-energy field and produces far-infrared emission resulting in a large number of negative ions. The antibacterial action eliminates odor and protects from itching. This high-technology product prevents internal diseases to ensure your reproductive health.

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The SuperbKlean panty liners have three (3) properties:

  • FAR INFRARED: This can prevent and help treat men’s prostate conditions and hemorrhoids. Men from age 40 are advised to use the panty liners. It can absorb foot sweat and eliminate foot odour.
  • MAGNETIC ENERGY: Magnetic force can prolong life. The magnetic power panty liner contains magnetic, electric, light, and heat energy; this energy is referred to as magnetic power. It has antibacterial, odor elimination and other effects, for the prevention of cervical and prostate cancer and infections.
  • ANIONS: Negative ions are acclaimed as vitamin of life and guard of the human body. They purify the air and increase the amount of oxygen and moisture. Friction can prompt the anion strip on the panty liner to release anions (4,000-6,000/cm2) which prevents itching and resists bacteria.


Tear the outer package of a single piece and stick on underwear. Try out the panty liner before your menstrual period.

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